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Study Abroad

Embrik Consult is a globally recognised education agent. We help students for successful admission at education institutions abroad. We are one of the fastest growing education service providers, always looking to set exemplary quality service standards. We aim to give you extra value from the services you take and enrich our own value from our experience with you. Embrik Consult was established as a centre which provides counselling on options to school-leavers and young adults seeking advice on further education, internship, culture exchange, volunteerism, career paths, Masters, Phd, Undergraduate and training. Embrik Consult was founded on this philosophy to provide a service for student and adults looking for continuing education pathways with an academic as well as for those with want a vocational direction. Today our service is extended to serving as a one-stop education advisory and placement centre, providing free, comprehensive educational counselling to parents and students seeking professional advice on further education ranging from school, pre-university to tertiary level. We have a team of experienced multilingual counsellors to guide students through the entire process of arranging their study overseas in the France, United Kingdom, Canada, China, Australia, Germany, Norway, Belgium, Czech Republic and South Africa.



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